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John Evelyn’s Sylva | 30th Oct, 2020

Plagues and lockdowns are nothing new, as anyone who has ever read the words of the great 17th century diarists, Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn will know. Read more …

October news | 01st Oct, 2020

October news Read more …

September News | 25th Sep, 2020

The latest from Living Woods Magazine. Read more …

July News | 25th Jul, 2020

The latest news from SWOG and the woodland world Read more …

Building a New Old Barn part III | 27th Jun, 2020

Well this Barn project continues, albeit in fits and starts. I guess there’s never a good time to have a global pandemic as many of the medieval builders may also have found, however after 3 months of relatively little activity it’s nice to get back to being a bit more productive and pushing the project forward. Two years after putting in the footing and concrete slab the frame emerged, sat neatly on top of the brick plinth it now admires the view over the Hastings Ridge for the first time.

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June News | 15th Jun, 2020

Summer Issue of Living Woods Magazine Read more …

April News | 03rd Apr, 2020

 April News from SWOG

March News | 30th Mar, 2020

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February News | 10th Feb, 2020

There’s more than just wood in trees:

SWOG news for February 2020

January News | 10th Feb, 2020

New year woodland news

Low Impact Milling in Small Woodlands | 08th Jan, 2020

Forestry can sometimes look like quite a destructive process. Felling on a large scale will often leave a site looking harsh and barren, scarred by the ruts and compaction left by the movements of huge machines. Read more …

December News | 08th Jan, 2020

 December news

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