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Woodfairs 2022 | 05th Apr, 2022

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RSPB – SWOG Meeting 2022 | 01st Aug, 2021

Update May 2022

We are rerunning this meeting as there were a lot of people who weren’t able to make it last your due to the pandemic, I was one of them!  If you were too and would like to attend, please let me know. It will be taking place on the morning of July 30th, the nearest town is Battle in East Sussex, further details will be sent out nearer the time.  We have limited places so will run a reserve list if it is oversubscribed.

Please contact me at the address below to reserve a place(s).

[email protected]

This long awaited real life meeting took place last Friday led by RSPB warden Phil Henderson. Having waited so long for it to happen, it was disappointing that I was ‘Pinged’ the night before and had to stay home isolating. Fortunately Phil had everything covered, Keith and Sheila took some photos and Heather scribed a few words to describe the day. Many thanks to them and all that attended to make this an enjoyable event.

Many thanks to Phil for a really excellent guided walk around the RSPB reserve and for encouraging and answering so many questions.

Following a circular route, it was fascinating to see the various management techniques currently being put in place to increase and maintain the range of flora and fauna – newly created large scallops, wide rides with tiered vegetation, thinned and coppiced areas. The most intriguing of all is the attempt to speed up the creation of deadwood. Will the imaginative variety of human-induced wounds to selected mature trees successfully result in the speedier formation of rot-holes and crevices? Only time and monitoring will tell and we look forward to hopefully hearing updates on this exercise.

Phil eloquently but concisely explained the methods and reasoning behind the very active management of the site and the involvement of teams of local volunteers. The latter had been busy pulling and stacking bracken and transferring green hay from one area to another – more experiments!

What a treat! Perfect weather, a group of smiling, unmasked, like-minded people to talk to and a beautiful wood to walk around that we hadn’t visited before.

Heather & Rod

Please let us know if you would like to host a meeting or you have any ideas to theme a meeting on.

[email protected]

Wood fairs 2021 | 30th Jun, 2021

A number of wood fairs have made cautious plans to re-open this summer. Read more …

RSPB Meeting | 22nd Jun, 2021

Phil Henderson from the RSPB has kindly offered members a walk around one of their managed woods near Battle in East Sussex.  He will be pointing out the management techniques they have been using in the woodland as a way of improving the habitat for bird life and the flora and fauna they rely on.

The meeting will be on  Friday 23rd of July, starting at 10 am promptly, a two hour circular walk of the wood then back to the meeting place where Phil will be available to answer any questions.  Please bring your own refreshments/lunch if required.  Unfortunately there are no toilet facilities on site, though of course plenty of trees, or stop in Battle on the way through

Numbers are limited so please book early if we are oversubscribed there is a possibility of holding it again  later in the Autumn/early Winter. Details of the meeting place will be sent out by email prior to the meeting.

To book a place, email [email protected]

Richard Hare

UK Squirrel Accord – Project Update | 27th Mar, 2021

There has been an interesting progress report from the UK Squirrel Accord, who are midway through their project of finding a species specific oral contraception for the invasive non-native grey squirrel.

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Bumblebees and trees | 23rd Mar, 2021

Thanks to Gill Perkins, the CEO of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust for her fascinating presentation on why bumblebees are so important as pollinators, the threats to their habitat and what woodland owners can do to help them.


John Evelyn’s Sylva | 30th Oct, 2020

Plagues and lockdowns are nothing new, as anyone who has ever read the words of the great 17th century diarists, Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn will know. Read more …

Building a New Old Barn part III | 27th Jun, 2020

Well this Barn project continues, albeit in fits and starts. I guess there’s never a good time to have a global pandemic as many of the medieval builders may also have found, however after 3 months of relatively little activity it’s nice to get back to being a bit more productive and pushing the project forward. Two years after putting in the footing and concrete slab the frame emerged, sat neatly on top of the brick plinth it now admires the view over the Hastings Ridge for the first time.

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Low Impact Milling in Small Woodlands | 08th Jan, 2020

Forestry can sometimes look like quite a destructive process. Felling on a large scale will often leave a site looking harsh and barren, scarred by the ruts and compaction left by the movements of huge machines. Read more …

SWOG visits Sylva | 01st Nov, 2019

It was a wet day and initially the introductions threatened to become bogged down in talk of SWOG bogs, or woodland loos, which are probably worth a whole workshop of their own. However, we were at Sylva to learn about woodland mapping, specifically the benefits of Sylva’s free myForest woodland management planning system. Read more …

SWOG day at Sylva | 30th Sep, 2019

SWOG members are invited to an exclusive day of activities at the Sylva Wood Centre, including a workshop in online mapping and a tour of the centre. Read more …

August Newsletter | 06th Aug, 2019

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SWOG Meeting at Flatropers, East Sussex | 31st Jul, 2019

In contrast to last year’s event at this beautiful woodland in East Sussex, the heavens opened and stayed that way for most of the guided walk around the reserve.  Despite the weather, Alice Parfit from the Sussex Wildlife Trust enthused the attendees, and no one left disappointed – only a little soggy. Read more …

Inside the National Forest | 09th Jun, 2019

The National Forest straddles an area of the Midlands, stretching across Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire. Established more than 30 years ago, it is a post-industrial region that has been regenerated to become a sustainable and much-loved part of the landscape. Read more …

June News | 06th Jun, 2019

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