Angus Climate Hub

An invitation for local woodland owners and anyone interested in sustainable woodland management from Dirk Sporleder, Woodland Manager at Dronley Community Woodland:

Dronley Community Woodland is very happy to announce that we are part of the Angus Climate Hub. The Angus Climate Hub, funded by the Scottish Government, is supporting several projects that are developing measures to mitigate the effects of climate change. An essential part of the project is to connect people and share knowledge and experiences.

That is fantastic for Dronley Community Woodland and helps us with our long-term vision to develop Dronley Wood towards a mixed woodland. The recent storms have left a lot of storm damage at Dronley Wood. The increasing frequency and intensity of storms highlight the importance of regenerating, restructuring and developing Dronley Wood towards a site-adapted, diverse, stable and resilient mixed woodland.

We are also looking for local woodland owners who want to develop existing woodlands into site-adapted, resilient, diverse, stable, multi-aged mixed woodlands. We are investigating the ecological and economic potential of low-impact woodland management measures helping woodland owners to regenerate, restructure and develop existing woodlands towards mixed woodlands. That topic also offers a huge potential for local woodland owners to cooperate in managing their woodlands for the benefit of future generations.

I would like to present some of the woodland management opportunities during a talk in Kirriemuir on Wednesday 21st February (19.00 at Kirrie Connections) and during a talk in Auchterhouse on Thursday 21st March (19.00 in Auchterhouse Village Hall).

Over the next two months, we will set up several demonstration sites at Dronley Wood to show and demonstrate various possibilities of transforming an existing woodland into a mixed wood. Stand surveys and soil assessments will provide important data for the proposed woodland management. We will use the information to monitor and assess the project in the long term. The data and information material on surveys and stand assessments will be available to woodland owners and everyone interested in sustainable, low-impact woodland management.

We are planning 8 days that provide the opportunity to become involved in the Angus Climate Hub Project and the work at Dronley Community Woodland. During the 8 days, we will carry out the stand surveys, site assessments, marking thinnings, temporary deer fencing, direct seeding (end of March) and tree planting. It would be brilliant if you could come along on the days to help us and learn about sustainable, low-impact woodland management. We can also provide information material for woodland owners and everyone interested in developing woodlands into mixed woodlands.

The 8 Project Days at Dronley Community Woodland are:
Wednesday, 14th of February
Wednesday, 28th of February
Saturday, 2nd of March
Wednesday, 6th of March
Saturday, 9th of March
Saturday, 16th of March
Wednesday, 20th of March

All the dates are weather permitting, 10.00 to 16.30. We will meet at the Car Park at 10.00. We provide all the tools and equipment. Please bring gloves, sturdy footwear, waterproofs, and lunch. Please email us in advance. It would be fantastic if you could come along and help us to develop Dronley Community Woodland into a mixed woodland for the benefit of future generations.

We are also planning two Open Days at Dronley Community Woodland on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of March. We will have a mobile sawmill (Blackdog Timber) to highlight the economic and ecological importance of producing high-quality timber.

For more information, please email Dirk Sporleder.