Books: Wild Days by Richard Irvine

From Living Woods issue 59

Forest school practitioner Richard Irvine has an excellent
track record in producing inspiring books which introduce
children to the great outdoors

Wild Days
Richard Irvine
RRP £16.99
GMC Publications (for ages 5 and above)

‘Every day can be a wild day. The wilderness is not always
on our doorstep, but little bits of wild nature can be found
everywhere – whether you live in a bustling city or its
suburbs, or close to farms, forest or on the coast. There are
adventures to be hard in parks, on city streets, canal towpaths,
riverbanks, beaches, woods, moorland and country
walks. All that is needed is a bit of curiosity and maybe a
guide like this book.’

Packed with advice, useful tips and simple step-by-step
instructions, all accompanied by superb photographs,
this book will prove useful to novices and experienced
outdoors-people alike.

If you are trying to provide a more diverse education this
spring away from screens, this will be your go-to book, and
if you’re concerned about allowing children to use tools,
all the safety advice you could need is in here, backed up
by Richard’s knowledge and practical experience as an
outdoors craft educator and as a parent.