Nov 01 Wooded landscapes conference By Rich

Lyn Palmer, Historic Environment Awareness Project Officer for the Weald Forest Ridge  in conjunction with the Sussex Archaeological  Society is organising , ‘The Archaeology of Wooded Landscapes’ conference next February.

Hopefully it will interest people who own, work  and manage woods as well as the heritage people.   In particular,  Patrick Roper’s talk about the interaction of ecology and archaeology in woodland shoud be fascinating, and also Mark
Gardiner’s talk about the way woods have been used/worked over time.

There are free field trips on the Sunday morning – a chance to see a
wood in a new light.   They will  also be handing out the Archaeology
Identification charts to those attending.

The Waste Wood owners, (through are speaking on the day
– they’ve been working together to investigate the wood as a whole, so
are a great case study of woods in multiple ownership being surveyed and
researched as one entity within the wider landscape.

For more details please contact:

Lyn Palmer
mob:07554 436473
[email protected]
High Weald AONB Unit
Woodland Enterprise Centre
Hastings Road
East Sussex TN5 7PR

The flyer can be downloaded from here.

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