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Happy Christmas Everyone | 24th Dec, 2012

Happy Christmas to everyone, particularly to those who are suffering from the atrocious weather at the moment.  I guess all of us will be having trouble getting into the woods, but this is just an inconvenience compared to those who will have had their home flooded.

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Training workshops from the Oxfordshire Woodland Project | 20th Dec, 2012

David Rees, the Oxfordshire Woodland Project manager  has sent us news of  their training workshops, If anyone is interested please get in touch with him directly and let us know how the day went.  It’s always good to get feedback from members on any courses or events that you attend.

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First National Conference in Red Squirrel Conservation | 13th Dec, 2012

British Red Squirrel and Cornwall Red Squirrel Project would like to invite you to the
First National Conference in Red Squirrel Conservation – ‘National and International Perspectives on Red Squirrel Conservation’
Please circulate this email with the attached flyer to all who may be interested in attending this event. Any enquiries please contact [email protected]

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December Newsletter | 03rd Dec, 2012

Sarah has produced another great newsletter, plenty of interesting articles to get your teeth into as we head into the Christmas period.  Nice to see a brief bit of proper seasonal weather instead of the deluge most of the country has been experiencing.

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Adopt an Ash and help secure a future for ash trees in Britain | 24th Nov, 2012

The Sylva foundation is asking volunteers to take part in a ‘Tree Watch’ survey starting next spring in an effort to identify which ash trees are more resistant to  Chalara fraxinea.  As owners and managers with access to woodlands across the country we’d be well placed to help with this survey.

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Management of the Grey Squirrel Survey | 20th Nov, 2012

Squirrel damaged oak

We have received a  request from a student studying landscape management for woodland owners or managers to complete a short questionaire.  It is a very easy form, requiring a few ticks so it should really only take a couple of minutes.  Please download if from the link below and return to Andrew directly.

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Chalara dieback updated | 14th Nov, 2012

Here is the latest information from the Forestry Commission.  It explains precautions woodland owners should be taking and timescales for other business like grants and felling licenses which understandably will be delayed by the added workload.

Chalara Frax.pdf

Bryology in our Wood | 12th Nov, 2012

Dwarf Haircap (Pogonatum nanum)

Bernie and Theresa (The Barrowers) recently had a survey of mosses and liverworts in their wood.  It was carried out by Tom Ottely from the British Bryological Society, you may have seen the recent discussion on the forum about it.   Here’s Bernies report of  an interesting aspect of our woods, which may go unnoticed.  Many thanks to Tom for offering his services, I know several members have found it fascinating.

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Survey reveals ash disease in six more counties | 09th Nov, 2012

Here is the latest press release from th Forestry Commission concerning the spread of Chalara. There’s a link to a useful map toward the bottom of the piece and a video which gives good examples of how to identify the disease from both the leaf and the stem. Read more …

November Newsletter | 31st Oct, 2012

Autumn colours - Picture courtesy of Elaine Hodgeson

Sarah has put together another great newsletter  this month. Some great fungi photo and important news about the ash dieback disease.

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Government Restricts Imports of Ash trees | 31st Oct, 2012

Here is the official Government statement, issued by Fera and sent to us by the Forestry Commission.

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Efforts stepped up to tackle disease of ash trees | 25th Oct, 2012

We have received a further update from the Forestry Commission concerning the worrying outbreak of Charala.

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Seeds of change could be secret weapon in battle for our woodlands | 16th Oct, 2012

Contractor John Sweeney stretches to reach a cone from a Macedonian Pine tree.

It seems that every week we hear of new diseases threatening our trees.  Here’s some news from the Forestry Commission, of a more resistant pine which could provide some respite in the battle.

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Archeological Sites Recorded in Waste Wood | 11th Oct, 2012

Many thanks to Sue Kibby of Waste Wood for putting together this article about the archeological surveying which took place last winter.
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Government Considers Ban on Ash Tree Movements. | 06th Oct, 2012

Here is the latest press release from the Forestry Commission concerning the spread of Charlara dieback in ash trees.

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