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Re: Quad bikes

Postby Meadowcopse » Sun Oct 26, 2014 9:56 pm

Yamaha Grizzly or Polaris Ranger...

Kawasaki Mule tends to be a cheaper but adequate utility vehicle.

I use a Kubota B8200 compact tractor, it's small but has a class 1 rear lift and PTO and adequately replaced an old Fergie tractor (it's also very narrow and has optional 4x4 and lots of gear options).

I replaced an old 1 tonne 2wd single cylinder dumper with a much heavier 3 tonne 4x4 electric start articulated steer dumper, but it is much bigger, wider and higher in woodland (risk of head / eye injury from low branches with no cab), it isn't that practical for lots of woodland use loaded in the wet - although it will go almost anywhere it can fit, it will make a mess.

There was an advert locally for horse-logging, which isn't such a bad idea narrow with multi-tool frames
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Re: Quad bikes

Postby Landpikey » Mon Oct 27, 2014 2:13 pm

We use a (non road legal) ex FC Honda Foreman 500cc. It's powerful, has 4x4, runs well and is massive amounts of fun. Oh - it pulls plenty of wood in the trailer too. The tyres can be a little jittery on the private road but work well off road. In a few years as we approach retirement we will look at a tractor (small) and some of the other implements just so we can continue to enjoy the wood and get logs out for our use. It's garaged at home when not in use but we have left it in the woods for short (not overnight) periods. Can be a hassle getting it to and from the woods on the trailer (we can only get a half load of wood back to the house with the trailer) so I try to have a full day at the woods so we can do at least 2 trips.

Good luck with your choice.
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