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Newbie from south of England

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Newbie from south of England

Postby J G Hunter » Fri Feb 06, 2015 9:16 am

Hey guys,

I registered a few days ago, during which I have "lurked" and read through a large swathe of the posts (by no means all). I live in Berkshire. I don't yet own a woodland, at 25, but it is the next step for my wife and I, and we intend to buy a woodland no more than half a dozen acres in the not-too-distant future out west, Wiltshire, Dorset or Devon, with a plan to move out there eventually, not just to be close to the woodland but because we want to settle there. I help out at a woodland near me doing traditional carpentry with hewing axes and learning techniques of moving large lumber around a small site. I am not just interested in traditional timber-framing but also hedgelaying, coppicing and conservation. I've already learnt a lot through reading here what I can before getting my registration verified.

J G Hunter
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