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Newbie from Bristol - no wood, yet!

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Newbie from Bristol - no wood, yet!

Postby sandspider » Mon May 13, 2013 3:03 pm

Hi all

Newbie here from the Bristol region.

Not a professional in any wood related way, but I have a wood burning stove and a chainsaw and like to process my own firewood. (Cheap, fun and satisfying). I also like to get out in woodlands for fresh air, nature watching and general enjoyment. Eventually I'd like to get a bit of woodland (or even a full smallholding) of my own for a bit of shooting, firewood, camping, fires, carving, veg growing etc. but woodland is pricey round here. Maybe one day... Or, if anyone was interested in maybe clubbing together to buy some woodland in this area (or needed help in their woodland), I'd be interested in that too.


I also really want a tractor. Don't need one (yet), but want one! (And a wooden V8 powered boat, but that's another matter...)
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