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Any exceptions to 28 days camping

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Postby Meadowcopse » Thu Jun 16, 2011 1:09 pm

I've just revisited this thread, having had more noticeable 'visitors' last week than any other time in the last 12 months.

I hope Austino that your woods become tranquil and your neighbours rational.

I have an area of grassland / field and with one farming neighbour with maize struggling against the lack of rain and another neighbour changing from years of hay-cropping to grazing animals - random dog-walkers and pot-smokers seem to have picked my plot for now.

The stunted crop next door looks like an obviously planted field, but is mostly avoided despite the signed and visible path across it.

The other side has a pleasant riverside walk coming down to another path from the village, but the large group of horses now seem to put off the dog walkers letting their dogs run off the lead... Consequently they have migrated to my plot, despite longish grass, no obvious footpath and a relatively young orchard area.

I was a little miffed to find a middle aged woman kicking a football around between the mulberries for her two dogs. She seemed equally miffed that after unlocking the Gate, I drove the Landrover and Bowser into the area of shorter grass she was in.

"Oh I am alright here aren't I?" she enquired condescendingly.

"Erm not really, young trees having footballs kicked at them don't tend to grow do well."

Having trod in a dog-turd within 3 strides of the Landrover I wasn't happy.

I explained the shorter grass area was full of young trees, she seemed surprised that someone might actually own / look after the land and more surprised as it dawned on her it might be me.

(Do people honestly think the countryside 'just happens' overnight)?

Remaining calm, I explained where the obviously signed tracks and footpaths were and public areas between the river and near-by village.

I also went on to point out the visible young trees mulched in the area of cut grass that here dogs had tried to dig up and crap in.

Further explanations of wildlife objectives etc. And she began to get the message loose dogs and footballs weren't on the agenda without any confrontational stance.

A couple of days later, I'm trying to assess species along a ditch that needs clearing next winter.

I hear the unimistakable 'twang' of fencing wire and a staple coming out as another dog bounds towards me.

A guy appears irritated that he has to squeeze around the vehicle I left in the gateway...

Further along the ditch and hedge I find a small amount of litter, a bus ticket to the nearest lane end and a load of non-tobacco related smoking debris...

Ocassionally I camp down at the plot with a vehicle and a trailer and tent - do a couple of days work and rarely see anyone. Maybe they just lurk at the edges and turn back.

The mystery is with a whole network of near-by public footpaths, riverside public spaces on the edge of the nearest village, leafy lanes, a ruined castle even, why make an effort to clamber over fences, through hedges and amongst standing crops and young trees?

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Postby benjamin » Wed Jul 20, 2011 1:01 pm

I would be glad to camp and shoot the forest ( for pest control) think they would enjoy seeing a man with two dogs and a gun! shooting at all times of the night with a nice big 1 million cadle power torch.

This should iritate them and its all nice and above board. would also be glad to help you build a tempary structure to house your tools. give the NIMBY swines somthing to oggle at.

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Postby deb millar » Sat Aug 06, 2011 12:05 pm

This post resonated with me as I have had a 2year planning battle finally getting permission for educational use of our wood after a neighbour (also chair of the Parish Council) made life impossible when we were running a woodland restoration project with young people and volunteers.

You aren't 'camping' - that is leisure - you are there to do essential works on your wood which qualifies as forestry use.

Have you got a woodland management plan? I would do one - there are templates on Forestry commission web site. Include your need to stay for concentrated periods in that plan - you are acting totally within your rights. The 28 day rule is about recreational use and many planners aren't clear about rules and interpret them wrongly.

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Postby tracy » Mon Aug 08, 2011 6:17 am

That is a very interesting point Debs, thanks. I am sure Sarah would love something for the newsletter on your project if you fancy it!


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