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Radio 4 this morning, update on Ash dieback

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Radio 4 this morning, update on Ash dieback

Postby SimonFisher » Fri Sep 27, 2013 12:43 pm

An interesting programme on Radio 4 this morning (Friday 27th September 2013) at 11:00. You can (at least for the time being) listen to it via this link: -

Ashes to Ashes

Are Ash trees coping with the spread of Ash dieback in Britain? A year on from the discovery of the fungus Adam Hart investigates how quickly it has spread across the country. Scientists are now sequencing the genomes of Ash and Chalara fraxinea - the fungus that is causing Ash dieback - in an effort to find why some trees are not dying from the disease. He also learns of another threat to our Ash trees - the emerald ash borer - which is currently found west of Moscow and is heading towards us. He discovers this pest has already infested Ash in North America and has left a trail of destruction behind it.
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