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Flat Pack Shipping Container

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Re: Flat Pack Shipping Container

Postby Zathras » Wed Jun 18, 2014 8:06 pm

smojo wrote:
He says why lock it when they'll just break the door down and cause damage getting in?

The engine sounded louder than usual and a mile or so down the road, started belching smoke and steam. He looked under the bonnet to find his radiator had been nicked! Just a slashed top and bottom hose left gaping where it had been. That's how determined some people are to relief you of your property!

We're going off topic here, but I've another anecdote for you...

I bought an old MK2 Escort in my late teens with a broken stereo. Now I knew you could get into these with any yale house door key (aka the universal escort key) but still wanted to swap out the broken radio for something good.

Turns out that the previous owner had welded the unit to the central column and something behind the dash.
After a full weekends effort with various tools and approaches, I couldn't for the life of me remove the old radio to fit my spanking new one - giving up in complete frustration and sweats.

A couple of weeks later, I came out one morning to find the door open and the stereo gone - no damage whatsoever.

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Re: Flat Pack Shipping Container

Postby Binz » Thu Jun 19, 2014 6:47 am

continuing to veer off topic. Went to get in my Imp 1 morning to find door unlocked; checking around the only thing taken was a toy bat that had been hanging in the window!
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