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Seeking camping permission in the ipswich area

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Seeking camping permission in the ipswich area

Postby caspian40 » Thu May 01, 2014 2:14 pm

Hi all,

My name is Michael Tolmie i'm a 47yr old like to think (sensible male ) i live in Felixstowe and moved here 3yrs ago from Kent, i am actively seeking permission to camp in any woodland around the ipswich and outlying areas on my own.
My camping would not be tent based but more Tarp and Hammock or Bivvy, wanting to be a little more exposed to nature the sounds the smells the weather, i must state i am not looking to hack down tree's or set huge raging fire's maybe just a small camp fire to cook on but mostly cook and brew up on gas.
I would be willing to pay a refundable deposit of say £100.00 once the owner was happy that i was doing as i have said and cleared up and took away my rubbish it could be rufunded, i would also offer the owner/owners my assistance in time when shifts allow to help them manage their woodland if the owner would be willing to show me the ropes and what needed doing.

Full proof of address and a 24/7 contact number would also be given to the owner/owners as would my vehical registration,
Camping would only be 1 to 2 nights at a time throughout the year and i would notify the owner/owners prior to my visiting their woodland.

Best regards
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