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posting picture from web

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posting picture from web

Postby splodger » Tue May 29, 2012 6:56 pm

if you have a web photo hosting facility - you can post pictures into your posts using web pics instead of uploading from your machine - they are link specific though - so if you later move/remove the picture from it's original position (eg move into a different folder or album within photobucket) then the link may not work and the picture may dissappear from your post on here

to post a web based picture - open up another window in your browser and go to the page that hosts your pic. find the pic that you wish to use in your post and right click on it. from the options displayed, select copy image location. when compiling a post on the forum above the text box - there are several shortcut options - press Img
- the image brackets will appear next to your cursor -
(img].simply paste the image location code - here - in the space between the brackets.[/img)
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