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Postby tracy » Fri Apr 16, 2010 10:57 am

Thanks again to the RFS for this information: (seriously, join the RFS if you are not a member, jolly useful!)

Grants to help woodland birds

The FC in the North West is pioneering a new type of grant that will encourage

landowners to reverse the decline of regional woodland birds.

The financial support is being offered to improve the habitats of 18 vulnerable species,

including the Redstart and the Pied Flycatcher. The grant is being introduced in response

to the Bird Conservation Targeting Project, which has identified breeding hotspots for

certain species (see

To be eligible for a grant, woodland must be within a target area for the chosen species

or be supported by local knowledge and expertise. Grant guidance and application forms

are available at or via Paul Vickers: 01606 324952.

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