Sep 28 Log cabin building – by Adrian By Tracy

Here are a few photos from the log Building course on Knoydart. The sun came out to show the west coast of Scotland at its very best. It was fantastic!

Double Bubble scribing.
Almost as many people taking photos as working.

I’ve included this one for the ‘Elf N Safety’ fetishists , I can count 7 transgressions.

Beach front location

This one shows the detail needing to be carved out to fit the log. This is part of a picnic table used as a practice piece.

Island of Rhum in the far distance.

Technical stuff ; committee required.

As is usual, one person working the other gazing off into the distance.

Topping off ceremony.

If you are going to build a log cabin do it in a stunning location.

You can read more about Knoydart courses on their website.

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