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A Bluebell for Christmas ?

PostPosted: Sun Dec 20, 2015 9:13 pm
by Jackdaw
There's been lots of talk recently about daffodils blooming and the odd Bumble bee showing its face, but I was still amazed to find Bluebells starting to push their heads up whilst walking the Dog through our woods today. Were in south east Kent, but never thought for a minute that I would ever see a Bluebell, in the green, the wrong side of January!!. If we get the usual weather in Jan And Feb, come April the carpet of Blue that is seen every year will be sadly missing. I've attached a picture showing just a couple, but on closer inspection the woodland floor was already covered in them , strange times ahead.

Re: A Bluebell for Christmas ?

PostPosted: Sun Dec 20, 2015 9:45 pm
by boxerman
My garden has a spring wild flower in full bloom - photo attached and complete with a green creepy crawly. Went to my Mum's this morning and her garden has 7 or 8 different types of spring flowers in bloom.
Dec Wildflower.jpg