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Postby Rich » Sun Apr 05, 2015 6:54 am

Mike k wrote: Spending some time in a wood will be help with stress releif i think.

Absolutely, there's hard evidence for just that. When I worked for the Health Service we ran therapy groups in the woods. The hardest part was getting people motivated to come along, the 2nd hardest was getting people to leave!
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Postby vushtrri » Sun Apr 05, 2015 7:38 am

My small woodland......... Is the best investment I have ever made, and I am not just talking financially. Somehow or other, over the past five months it has taken over our lives, much like the grandchildren also have! The week seems to be geared towards waiting for the weekend so we can get over to the wood, even to the extinct of planning midweek what we will take I've to cook. I absolutely love it....
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Postby Mike k » Sun Apr 05, 2015 8:53 am

Thank you all for posting.

Once i purchase a peice of woodland a perimeter hedge/bush or something would be good.
knowing how to do this with natural growth will be a challenge for me.
work takes up most of my time and i doubt i'd be there much in the winter. Summer is when i will probably spend the majority of weekend enjoying the wood.
Purchasing a woodland that has not been over thinned will be difficult at the right price. I am skeptical of farmers and agents that sell land, let's face it they only after your hard earned cash and want to sell you a wood at the highest possible price once the land has been nearly decimated. I would be interested in felling the odd tree every now and then purley to learn some wood crafts and some for fire wood. The way i see it is: Why buy a woodland then over cut the trees down, you won't have any woodland left. It would be fantastic to see some new trees grow.
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Postby SimonFisher » Sun Apr 05, 2015 10:36 am


I can only speak from personal experience. Our two woods are part of a larger wood that were sub-divided and sold initially by Woodlands (Woodland Investment Managent Ltd /, though in our case our purchases were from the individuals who had bought from Woodlands and then decided to sell after a few years. Our woods are ancient though much of it replanted after the storms that affected southern England in the late eighties. I'm curious as to your comment about having a perimeter hedge. For the most part we're bordered by other similar plots. We've never considered any need for a perimeter hedge for reasons of privacy or security. The boundary is marked by posts and we've never had any problems. One of our woods does have about a kilometre of deer fence enclosing part of it that we put in a few years ago - but that's because we're coppicing, and deer exclusion is almost essential where we are if it's to succeeed and new growth allowed to thrive. What's your thinking behind needing a permeter hedge?

What's your budget for buying woodland? It could just be that you're not going to get what you want in the location you're looking for what you're prepared to spend :-(

There are limits as to how much you can fell for personal use (5 cubic metres per quarter). Anything else will need a Felling License which is only likely to be granted if the work is part of a bigger plan - in our case coppice restoration. Replanting could also be a valid part of the plan. Of the twenty acres we currently have, I'd say over half of it is overdue for more thinning - both to benefit the remaining trees and to give us a source of firewood.

The coppice restoration work we did about four years ago has been fantastic to watch progress over the seasons since then, and thinning some small oaks in one area in Winter 2013/2014 is already producing a noticeable difference to the woodland floor.

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Postby Mike k » Sun Apr 05, 2015 2:23 pm

Hello Simon,

My better half and i have a lot to learn and we are comimg up with plenty of ideas.
We like the idea of growing all types of woodland plants and trees especialy if the produce is edible.
The plot i intend to purchase will be small say 3 acres ish.
All we need is a area to camp sometimes in the summer and an area for me to try wood craft.
Having a hedge or boundary foliage will make it easy for us to easily recogise at a glance the area avaiable for exta growth and management.
Any tree if felled will be replace with two or three replacements; as for Oak trees you won't catch me chopping one of those down unless it had a disease.
Felling will be carried out with careful selection.

I will need lots of discussions with other woodland owners before purchase, hopefuly i can learn from this.
As for spending ££ i do have a budget that will allow me to acquire 8 acres in wales but thats too far and im not sure how far im willing to travel in order to reach the wood.

Thank you for your reply.

Mike k
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