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Re: Hello from kent :)

PostPosted: Fri Feb 27, 2015 7:28 am
by Rich
Hardly a problem for your situation Steve, but they do seem to attract the attention of deer too. A nurseryman friend of mine had his deer fencing breached a couple of times. He had a row of about 30 wild service trees which are now about 6 years old. Nearly all of them had their bark surface marked, fortunately not ring barked. I managed to get one which escaped the deers attention to use as a standard for a hedge I've just finished planting.

2015-02-25 14.28.05.jpg

It has quite a lean to it so I am considering trying to persuade it to grow more upright with a webbing strap attached to the end post.

Re: Hello from kent :)

PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 9:36 pm
by stevem099
Little update.
Springs here and the trees doing great :) really nice to see it going through its cycles and the girlfreind sends me regular tree updates :)
Just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who helped espicially oldclaypaws for suggesting a wild service tree in the first place :)
Cheers steve