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Can any East Sussex owners help?

PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 2:04 pm
by JimSussex
Hello. We're new to the Forum, but we wonder if any members could help us? We are looking for woodland to continue the training of an 18 months old Red Tail Hawk, named Bart. Ideally broad leaved trees, where he can land up in the branches, and move from tree to tree. Somewhere away from main roads is better, and reasonable access is always useful, plus some quarry for him to catch - rabbits mainly. (I appreciate everyone may not be 100% comfortable with this, but Falconry is an age old activity) We need to work with the Hawk, two or three mornings a week, at most, subject to the weather, and we are more than happy to contribute to the upkeep of the woodland in someway - financially, or physically! We live in Hellingly, East Sussex, so somewehere within 30 or 40 minutes drive would be good. Thanks for reading our post, Jim and Scott