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Hello from Leicester!

PostPosted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 9:13 pm
by MarkAndJay
Hi Everyone,

I'm Mark, and along with my friend Jay, we're on the lookout for some woodland in, or near Leicestershire, to use on weekends, help to manage and shoot.

Both of us have recently had kids, and quite by chance were talking about woods and discovered a joint love for all things green and woody. Having proved that the money is, for now at least, a little beyond the pair of us, we thought about trying to find local wood owners who could do with a hand with the manual stuff in exchange for the occasional overnight camp, a little game shooting and pest management (in the form of air rifling) and some den building in the future. We're both based on the south side of Leicester, but don't mind a drive if something comes up that's a little further afield.

Originally when thinking about owning a wood I had mainly considered the leisure possibilities, however having read more recently with regard to the restoration and ongoing management of woodland I have found myself, quite accidentally, getting hooked! As a business owner the idea of helping to generate income from a wood, however limited, is also appealing and so I would be more than willing to give help with this side of things should the need arise.

Any help or advice along the way would be greatly appreciated - despite my fairly limited knowledge of the subject matter I hope to contribute where I can to the forums and the group in general.

All the best

Mark (and Jay!)